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Development Incentives

North Houston District is known for its partnerships, and business development is no exception. The District has the expertise and contacts necessary to offer valuable developer incentives. 

District staff can answer questions about these incentives and help identify programs that might work for your company. For more information about loans and incentives, please call 281-874-2137. 

Incentive Program Government Level
Overview  Contact 
Tax Increment
Reinvestment Zone
Local  Reimbursement for public infrastructure and amenities on qualifying projects.     Sally Bradford, Executive Director
Greater Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority
Tax Abatements Local 
Support for new, expanding or relocating businesses with  25+ jobs, $>1 million investment and competitively sited. Gwen Tillotson
City of Houston
Click here for more information
Texas Enterprise
Zone Program
Local and State State sales and use tax refunds on qualified expenditures for businesses creating jobs and investing in distressed communities. Gwen Tilotson
City of Houston
Click here for more information
 Data Center Exemption State Exemption of state sales and use taxes for data center equipment Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Click here for more information
Texas Enterprise Fund State Cash grants for projects offering job creation and capital investment where one Texas site is competing with out-of-state sites Nicole Sidoff Ryf
Office of the Governor
Malcolm Baldridge
Foreign Trade Zone
Federal  Exemption from customs duties, excise taxes and import restrictions for goods in commerce Shane Williams
Foreign Trade Zone Administrator
Port of Houston Authority


Greater Greenspoint Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone

The District made great strides toward adding value to doing business in the area when it worked to create Greenspoint's Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ). The Zone is a powerful vehicle developers are now using to maximize their investment in this area. 

The Greater Greenspoint Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone facilitates development and redevelopment projects, and the project plan expects to invest $250 million over a 30-year period, which will increase the overall value of commercial property in the area. The Zone offers incentives for developers to build or redevelop in the area, and upon project agreement, can reimburse them for the public amenities they include in their projects. Streets, parks, public plazas, lighting, landscaping and streetscaping are all crowning touches to a development that may be reimbursable. For more detailed information on TIRZs and how they work, click here.

Tax Abatements 
The Houston area offers a variety of incentives to support economic development. Companies with new, expanding and relocating operations may be eligible for property tax abatements. In order to be eligible, 25 jobs must be retained or created, the investment must be $1 million or higher and the project must be competitively sited. 

For additional information on local tax abatements click here.


The State of Texas offers competitive incentives to companies who create jobs and drive innovation as they do business in our state and its communities. For a full list of all incentives visit Texas Wide Open for Business


Malcolm Baldridge Foreign Trade Zones 
A foreign trade zone is an area located in or adjacent to a U.S. Customs port of entry. Greenspoint businesses that import products through the Port of Houston can benefit from this zone. Merchandise placed in the zone is considered to still be in international commerce and outside U.S. Customs territory. No customs entry is necessary to admit such merchandise, and it is exempt from customs duties, excise taxes and most import restrictions until it is moved from the zone into U.S. commerce. Houston's foreign trade zone consists of 12 general-purpose sites and 11 sub-zone sites in Harris Country. 

For more information on Foreign Trade Zones, visit the Port of Houston Authority

New Markets Tax Credit 
The New Markets Tax Credit program is designed to encourage private sector investment in low-income communities by providing tax incentives to the private sector investor. Qualified businesses located in a distressed community may receive loans through this program. Please contact the Greenspoint District for additional information. 

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