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  Public Safety

Maintaining a safe community is one of the North Houston District's top priorities. The community is safer today than when the District was first created, thanks to innovative and aggressive programs.

How does the District do it? Partnerships are the key. Local law enforcement, the District and property owners work together to create a secure environment. This is evident by the success of the Public Safety Center at Greenspoint Mall.

This centralized location, at the heart of the community, greatly contributes to the North Houston District having one of the fastest response times to “in-progress” calls in the city — less than 5 minutes.

The North Houston District is covered on all fronts. The District also contracts with the HPD and Harris County Sheriff's Office on a variety of programs, including code enforcement to site specific operations. Additionally, the District helps equip officers to do their job efficiently by purchasing equipment for the various policing agencies that serve the area.

Many subtle crime prevention techniques are used throughout the District’s service area. These almost invisible techniques are referred to as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), which also improve the quality of life for residents and employees. These concepts have been implemented with proven results.

The specific techniques include:

Natural Surveillance – placing physical features, activities and people to maximize visibility.

Natural Access Control – arranging entrances, exits, fencing, landscaping and lighting to guide pedestrian traffic.

Territorial Reinforcement – using objects such as fences, pavements, art and signs to express ownership.

Maintenance – proper upkeep of areas to ensure they are used for the intended purpose.

For more information on the CPTED program, visit

There are many things individuals can do to help make our community safer. For safety tips, visit the Public Safety Tips page on our website. 

For additional information on public safety in the community or to request statistics, please contact Tracy Harrison or visit our staff directory.


North Houston District Hotline - 281-407-0797

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