Parks and trails have blossomed along Greens Bayou in the North Houston District because of strategic partnerships and good planning. We are home to 36 acres of parks and over four miles of trails, with more planned and underway. These beautiful green spaces have transformed underutilized land into community gathering places, which also help to tackle some of the area’s flooding issues by creating natural barriers between Greens Bayou and our homes and businesses.

With 67 apartment communities, 3,800 businesses, 68,000 employees and 118,500 residents in our area, the District’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan is the key to creating new opportunities for you to get outdoors, move around the District and enjoy time with family and friends.

To view a map of the Parks and Trails System, click here.

Interested in visiting one of the parks?  Learn more about each park and the unique amenities you can find in them below: