Ensuring that the area is recognized for its cleanliness, well-landscaped streets and roadways and for its overall appearance is an important part of the District’s work.

To coordinate efforts and identify needs, the District utilizes a field inspection program to systematically monitor the physical condition of the area, report problems to appropriate agencies and follow up to rectify the issues.

In addition, the District supplements the work of other public agencies.  Examples include:

  • Mowing and picking up litter at 14 major intersections each week
  • Maintaining the landscaping in public medians and rights-of-way not managed by local Property Owners Associations (POA’s)
  • Removing “bandit” signs and instances of graffiti in public spaces

The District also works to promote enforcement of city, county and other applicable standards to ensure property owners are responsible and keep their property in a manner that enhances the community.