We are excited to announce the completion of park repairs at Buckboard Park!

A new caterpillar amenity, produced by FunAbounds, and safety surface were replaced and funded by North Houston District Field Services, a project valued at $68,000.

The purpose for a new caterpillar was to beautify and secure the park by addressing safety concerns with the former mosaic caterpillar and insufficient fall height surface area.

In the past three years, the District has made significant safety improvements to the park including:

  • 2019 – $49,000 in solar lighting, $2,500 walking trail repair, $13,000 mary-go-round and safety surface, and $6,000 in new park signage
  • 2020 – $36,000 to reinstate irrigation system, $15,000 playground rope replacement and $7,000 restoring Pinata pavilion

Annually, the NHD spends $26,000-$30,000 in landscaping and litter maintenance at Buckboard Park.

The park compliments an Imperial Valley subdivision which has 575 homes and is near Black Elementary.

Buckboard Park was developed by the North Houston Development Corp. (TIRZ #11) in 2009.