Sergeant Malkowsky is a new face around the North Houston District. Since June, she leads the proactive Harris County Sheriff’s Office Task Force created specifically for the North Houston District.


The Task Force was created to proactively improve safety in the community and combat criminal activity.

“My role as supervisor is to ensure that the proper resources are available to accomplish our goals, and to communicate with the community about the best ways we can serve them,” says Malkowsky, who served as the first female on her SWAT team.

In her 13 years of experience, Sergeant Malkowsky has worked as a sergeant over another proactive patrol unit in Harris County, and in a variety of experiences beyond patrol deputy, from gang investigations to internal affairs.

Here’s what she shared with us.

Q: So what falls under your responsibilities as the Task Force Sergeant?

A. I mainly focus on meeting with community representatives, businesses and apartment complexes to ensure the task force can and is meeting their needs, and ways we can support each other’s goals.

I also network with agencies and internal units and divisions within the Sheriff’s Office to provide assistance for any and all investigations involving criminal activity. I have learned over the years that the more resources you can pull together, the easier it is to accomplish the mission.


Q: What’s a day on the job with Sgt. Malkowsky like?

A. Checking in on the team, updating payroll, approving reports, reviewing surveillance videos and responding to emails.

I try to accomplish those duties first and as efficiently possible so I can hit the streets with the team. Not as a supervisor, but as a teammate. We all learn more from each other when we work as a whole unit every day.


Q: Favorite places to eat in the area?

A. Jimmy John’s on Greenspoint Drive! The #12 Beach Club on wheat minus cucumbers is my fave!


Q: Hobbies?

A. I am a gym rat (laughs). I care a lot about my ability to perform my duties. Being the healthiest I can be always motivates me.


Currently, I’m in my second year of grad school to obtain a Master’s Degree of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management, so that takes up a lot of my extra time right now.



Q: Anything you’d like to add?

A. I love my job! And I love working so closely with the community. I encourage everyone to be more involved in our North Houston District community.

I am excited about being on the promotion list for lieutenant and look forward to meeting more of you!

Learn more about Sergeant Malkowsky in our upcoming issue of Quadrants later this fall.