Houston Police Department – North Belt Division

The North Houston District funds the lease that allows the Houston Police Department’s new North Belt Division to headquarter in the District.  Once fully staffed, the Division is expected to have approximately 100 officers providing primary police response in the area.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Task Force

The District contracts with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to provide proactive policing in the area. Launched in March 2016, this program increases police visibility and targets specific community concerns. In addition, deputies work to educate the community on crime prevention strategies.

North Houston District Patrol

The District employs a number of off-duty officers and deputies who routinely patrol business and retail areas. The officers work five days a week at various times during the day and evening. They provide a high visibility patrol through our commercial, retail, and multi-family properties.

North Houston District Parks Patrol

The North Houston District provides private security officers to perform high visibility patrol, either on foot or in a marked vehicle, of the District’s parks and trails.

Community Events

Residents (kids and adults) team up with law enforcement, firefighters and members of our military throughout the year in various fun and interactive community events, including Hoops & Heroes and National Night Out.